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Project Update #87 et #88 4818_render_Tux_Afro_Samurai



 Project Update #87 et #88

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MessageSujet: Project Update #87 et #88   Project Update #87 et #88 EmptyJeu 9 Jan 2014 - 21:12



First, from everyone here at CSE, we hope that you had a happy and safe New Year's Eve! Secondly, we're back in the office happily working our way towards the opening of Internal Testing. In the meantime, a few bits of stuff for you on this first Friday of the new year. We'll start with a call for volunteers to help with Camelot Unchained. Over the next few months we'll be looking for some eager Founders/Builders whose skill sets might be helpful to us moving forward. We'll post messages about this on our forums so if you would like to volunteer your time to help in some specific areas, we would love to hear from you. Also, we'll also be looking for some folks who have the time and inclination to help beta-test a surprise for our Founders. As those of you who have been following my posts on the forums know, I spent some of the holidays coding again and while that's scary enough, the result of this coding may be made available to some of our Founders this month as well. I'll post more details on this in the coming weeks depending on how our own testing goes. Finally, I'm happy to present you with the 4th episode of Nuada's trials and like the three that preceded this one, it's a bit of a roller-coaster for our erstwhile hero. Nothing comes easy for Nuada, does it?

As is the norm, the folks at have a special accompanying piece written by me here. The story can be also be found on our website here.

Again, I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season and as always, you have our thanks."



Welcome to Part V of the Becoming™: The Trials of Nuada Airgetlám. Poor Nuada, he is certainly on a losing streak. Maybe not as bad as the Chicago Cubs are continuing to suffer through, but not a short streak either. When we last left him he was a pretty sad panda but, fortunately for him, the realization of his futility hasn’t sent him over the edge of madness yet. Nuada is now at another major crux point in this life. How will he rebound from the crazy, but true, revelations of what has really been going on since he first entered The Depths™?
In other CSE and Camelot Unchained™ news, we’ve hired another programmer (yay!) but at the same time we have to say goodbye to one of our own (boo-hoo!). Patrick has decided to leave the sunny climes of Northern Virginia and beautiful downtown Fairfax, Va. for an even smaller startup in Seattle. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them but they go by the name of Amazon I think? :)Truly, we wish him nothing but the best, Amazon is a heck of a company and Seattle is a pretty great city. We hope to continue working with Patrick on our sound/music (assuming his contract allows him to and no Amazonian Drones are sent our way in response), as he is a very young and talented sound/composer dude besides being a fine programmer.
In really good news, we’re also about to start inviting our IT folks in for the first stage of IT testing. It’s not going to be the least bit sexy but the tech they will be testing is a rather important part of our MMORPG. It’s part of the game but not the game (that that will be the next step) but it something that we believe will be a very nice addition to our game and it has some very positive benefits for the players. We’ll talk about this as soon as we get through the first week or so of testing.
This month will feature a positive smorgasbord of updates including some more BOYDs, PtVs, a non-Camelot Unchained surprise, a couple of major armor updates and so much more. I’m glad that January has 31 days!
I hope you enjoy Part V but be forewarned, this is very much like many a middle book in a trilogy. Nuada needs a lot of TLC and has some major decisions to make before he can hope to overcome his failures to date. As to what comes after that, that would be telling…
This story and my accompanying piece can be found over at here. It can also be found on our website here."



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Je crois que c'est le rôle de Dieu de pardonner... moi mon boulot c'est d'organiser la rencontre.

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Project Update #87 et #88

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